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You are advised not to smoke during your pregnancy as it can affect your baby’s growth and health. There is an increased risk of SIDS, asthma and other illnesses to children of smoking parents. Where possible try to reduce your smoking. QUIT programs are available to assist you. Ask your midwife or GP/Obstetrician for information.


Alcohol is not recommended during pregnancy as it can affect your baby’s growth development and may cause a serious condition called Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Alcohol consumption / abuse during pregnancy can have lifelong consequences for your baby.


It is important to check with your GP/obstetrician or pharmacist before taking any drugs, including over the counter drugs such as cold and flu tablets or cough syrup.

Other drugs such as marijuana, amphetamines, heroin, ice, etc. will have harmful effects on your baby both during pregnancy and following birth. If you are taking these types of drugs, help is available, so please tell your midwife or GP/Obstetrician      

Food and pregnancy

It is important to look after yourself when you are pregnant and diet is an important factor in ensuring good health for you and your baby. Your food choices should be nutritious and varied.

The amount of food needed varies from person to person depending on age, stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding demands, and with body size and level of physical activity.

The following link provides information on healthy eating in pregnancy


Is a bacteria which is harmful for your baby and can cause stillbirths. Foods at the most risk of being contaminated with listeria should be avoided during pregnancy. For more information

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