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Maternity Unit

UPDATE: COVID-19 and Pregnancy

VISITATION RESTRICTIONS TO MATERNITY UNIT: For maternity services, visitors are restricted to the one support person only during your admission.  No other family is permitted to visit. Your partner or support person will be screened upon entering the health services and must meet criteria to visit the health service.  We also ask that your partner or support person limits their comings and goings from the health service, and areas within the health service.

If you are pregnant and concerned about your level of risk, please refer to the document below.

Further information is under development by Safer Care Victoria which we will share when available.

The ERH Maternity Unit offers a friendly environment with caring and professional staff to assist with antenatal, birthing and early parenting experience.

To have your baby at Echuca Regional Health it is necessary that you first book in. We recommend that you book in between 12-24 weeks gestation. Please contact the Maternity Unit for an appointment and we will forward you further information via email.

At your first doctor’s visit your weight and height will be recorded and your body mass index (BMI) calculated. If your BMI is over 40, for your health and safety you will be referred to another larger facility for your birth. Additionally Echuca Regional Health is a low risk facility and therefore accepts women birthing over 37 weeks gestation with minimal complications. You can discuss this with your GP/Obstetrician throughout your pregnancy.

Contact Details


Phone: 03 5485 5309 and 03 5485 5310

Hours: 24 Hours

Booking In

Phone: 03 5485 5310

Location: Maternity Unit, Echuca Regional Health, via main entrance on Service Street.

Home Care Midwife

Hours: 8.00am – 4.30pm  Monday to Friday

Phone: 03 5485 5306

Fax: 03 5485 5320