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Life! – A chronic disease prevention program helping thousands of Victorians, comes to Echuca.

With chronic disease rates rising dramatically, the Life! program is leading the way in prevention

The statistics about type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke in Australia are alarming. Every day almost 280 people develop diabetes[1], every 12 minutes someone dies of cardiovascular disease[2], and one in every six people is likely to suffer a stroke[3]. Preventing these serious conditions has never been more important.

The Life! program teaches Victorians how to reduce their risk of chronic disease by making small changes to their lifestyle. Using an evidence-based approach, it supports participants every step of the way in achieving and maintaining their healthy lifestyle goals. It is run across the state as a group course or through a personalised telephone health coaching service, with participants choosing the option that suits them best. Accessible and packed with useful information, the free Life! program helps Victorians to live healthier lives.

Since 2008, over 52,000 Victorians have joined the Life! program to reduce their risk of chronic disease through the Life! program.

Diana enrolled in the Life! program after finding out from her GP that she was at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. She joined her local group course and lost 12 kilograms – and she didn’t find it difficult.

“The Life! program really worked for me. Just by being committed to achieving a series of small goals, I got the results I wanted, not by going on a diet but by integrating a whole new lifestyle that now feels natural and normal to me. However, the real gift of the Life! program has been a psychological one. It’s taught me that you should never give up and you should always do the best for yourself. Life! is a fantastic vehicle for doing that.”

Echuca Regional Health is running a Life! group course
Wednesday March 6th at 10.00am
ERH Hopwood Centre meeting room, Leichardt St Echuca

For more information on this Life! group course, please contact Jane Qualmann or Danielle Paterson in the Health Promotion Unit, Echuca Regional Health  Ph 54855826.

About the Life! program

The Life! program is a lifestyle modification program run by Diabetes Victoria and funded by the Victorian Government. Delivered as either a community group course or a telephone health coaching service, Life! empowers participants to change their lifestyle to help reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. For more information on Life! please visit or contact



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3 “Stroke – nothing has changed. Still the nation’s second biggest cause of death.” 25 June 2012