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Covid-19 testing

Everyone’s first option should be to use a rapid antigen test.

Rapid antigen tests are the cornerstone of Victoria’s community testing system. They are quick and highly accurate, particularly if you have symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. You can collect 5 rapid antigen tests (per person) from a COVID-19 testing site.

From July 1 2022, PCR testing for COVID-19 will be targeted toward Victorians at greatest risk of severe disease from Covid-19. The Targeted PCR strategy will complement the role of rapid antigen testing (RAT) as the primary test in Victoria for general population symptomatic testing, contact management, and risk minimisation in high risk settings.

PCRs will be offered to the following groups- Older age (65 years and over)

Other health conditions ,including chronic disease and co morbidities

Individuals presenting with moderate to severe symptoms.

Individuals who are not yet vaccinated, nor up to date with their vaccination.

Individuals who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Pregnant women, including women 2 weeks postpartum.

Presenting as determined by clinical and LPHU/Public Health discretion , such as for targeted outbreak response in high risk settings.


What to do if you test positive to COVID-19? 

  1. Immediately isolate for 7 days
  • You must isolate at home or in private accommodation for 7 days from when you test positive. If you’re living with others, isolate away from them as much as possible.
  1. Tell your household contacts and household-like contacts of your result so they can isolate too
  2. Tell you workplace or school and any other known social contacts
  3. Report your Rapid Antigen Test result with the Department of Health online, or by phone
  4. Refer to the Department of Health Website Managing COVID 19 at home

Managing COVID 19 at Home

 Most people will have mild to moderate symptoms and will be able to manage at home.

Go to the Department of Health website for up to date information on managing at home

Once your positive PCR or RAT result is registered, you will receive an SMS providing information on how to care for yourself and your isolation end date. You will also receive a survey link and may be contacted by a healthcare worker from a COVID-19 Positive Care Pathways program. They will want to understand the level of care you might need based on your personal preference and circumstances, and by how well or unwell you feel.

As with any illness, even if you’re feeling well or only slightly unwell, it’s important to watch your symptoms and understand when you might need to get help. If you have worsening symptoms:

  • Call Nurse On Call on 1300 606 024 (available 24 hours)
  • Call a GP and ask for a telephone or telehealth appointment
  • Call 000 (having difficulty breathing, chest pain or cannot take care of yourself)
    • Remember to tell them know you have COVID 19

Drive-Through COVID Screening Clinic

Location Details: Echuca COVID-19 Testing Site Update

Address- Former Echuca South Primary School (entrance via South St, Echuca)

Operating Hours: The Covid screening clinic will be operating Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-12pm.  

*Clinic times may vary due to reaching site capacity or extreme heat measures to support the health and safety of our staff. Please keep up to date on our social media channels for any change to the site. During these times, it is important for individuals who are symptomatic to follow public health advice until returning to the site for a test.

For more information and the latest advice, please visit

COVID-19 Testing Registration

How to register for your COVID-19 Test in advance of your test:

  • Scan the QR Code below or visit the page here.
  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Get a unique registration number (URN) via SMS
  • Present your URN at the testing site