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Loddon Mallee Rural Generalist – Echuca Intern Program

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Loddon Mallee Rural Generalist - Echuca Intern Program

How to apply

ERH Internship (Loddon Mallee Rural Generalist Intern Program) Frequently Asked Questions have beenn developed to assist prospective interns to tailor their applications for Internship. Click here to read the FAQs.

All applications must be submitted online via Echuca Regional Health’s online recruitment portal. Click here to apply

Program Overview

In 2021 there will be five Intern positions recruited to Echuca Regional Health (ERH).

Intern training at ERH provides medical graduates with exceptional training opportunities.

Interns training at ERH may follow Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP) training or other career pathway of their choice. For interns who are interested in the VRGP pathway in the Loddon Mallee Region, internship at ERH is a starting point of a journey that allows direct ongoing learning in the PGY2 and above years. For those who do not wish to pursue VRGP training (or do not yet know), an internship at ERH can be a “stand alone” year with extensive and in depth learning opportunities which provide a strong underpinning for further training in any specialty.

ERH currently has accredited posts in the areas of General Practice, Basic Physician Training, Emergency Medicine and Surgery.

Interns rotate through the following terms:

  • Emergency Medicine at ERH (core)
  • General Surgery at ERH (core)
  • General Medicine at ERH (core)
  • Rehabilitation, Aged Care, Palliative Care Medicine (RAP) at ERH (non-core)
  • General Practice Placement at Echuca Moama Family Medical Practice (non-core)

Emergency Medicine

The ERH ED has over 25,000 presentations per year. Supervision and support is provided by Emergency Medicine Physicians, GP Visiting Medical Officers, ED senior staff and GP accredited ACEM Registrars. Visiting FACEMs from Bendigo Health Care also enhance the learning experience.

General Surgery

ERH has a team of general surgeons and other proceduralists led by the Director of Surgery. In this term interns work directly with senior staff, supported by a SET surgical registrar (on rotation from Austin Health) and a surgical HMO. Scheduled theatre time as first assistant, management of surgical ward patients and first assessment of patients referred for surgical review is expected.

General Medicine

Core General Medicine for interns involves rotating time with the two Medical Units and as part of the Admitting Medical Team.  Supervised in a HMO/BPT registrar/GP VMO/physician structure the Medicine department is overseen by of Dr Freya Hildebrand (who has particular interest in respiratory medicine.  Visiting physician consultants also contribute to patient care on the medical units.

Rehabilitation, Aged Care, Palliative Care Medicine (RAP)

The RAP service is a multidisciplinary service where the intern works with a dedicated PGY2/3 under the supervision of a specialist Rehabilitation physician. Patient mix includes: acute rehab (post-op joint replacement, post acute stroke), Geriatric Evaluation & Management (GEM) for management of complex geriatric issues (both inpatient and outpatient streams), transitional care program (TCP) the slowest steam for decisions around disposition to home vs residential care and lastly, Palliative Care for either symptom management or end-of-life care.

General Practice at Echuca Moama Family Medical Practice

Award winning Echuca Moama Family Medical Practice (EMFMP) trains medical students and junior doctors in the community and GP setting. Interns gain understanding and competence in rural general practice using best practice guidelines. Exposure extends from paediatrics to geriatrics and includes office-based procedures (e.g. cervical screening test, lesion excision, plastering). EMFMP GPs work as medical staff at ERH, including general medicine, emergency, obstetrics, anaesthetics and surgery.

Tour of ERH

ERH Support Team

From left to right:

Medical Workforce Unit Manager: Sidd Jyothi

Medical Education Officer: Kate Carlile

Director of Clinical Training: Dr Kathryn (Kate) Schultz

Executive Director Medical Services: Dr Glenn Howlett

Medical Workforce Unit Coordinator: Leaine Forbes

Director of Education: Dr Catherine Lees

Internship / Rural Generalist pathway and beyond

Dr Shannah’s story

Dr James’ story

Victorian Rural Generalist Program Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP)

Visit the Victorian Rural Generalist Facebook Page here.

Victorian Rural Generalist Program Overview – Loddon Mallee Presentation available here.

For More Information please contact Gemma Bilardi on 0428 240 150

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