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Rehabilitation and Sub Acute Ward

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Hours: 24 hours 7 days a week
Location: Echuca Regional Health 226 Service Street, Echuca
Phone: 5485 5173


  • Consists of 20 Beds
  • 12 Rehabilitation /Geriatric evaluation and management (GEM)
  • 6 Residential Transition care program (RTCP)
  • 2 Palliative Care Beds

Operationally, there is a team of three senior health care professionals who are recognised as the most senior members of the inter-professional team and who lead the service. They are:
• Specialists in Geriatric/Rehab medicine
• Nurse unit manager (NUM)
• Allied Health Lead

Inpatient rehabilitation provides expertise with clients requiring assessment and management of a, neurological disability with recent exacerbation or decline in functional independence where the primary treatment goal is to improve functional independence.  Post stroke rehabilitation providing neuropsychology, allied health/nursing with a focus on patient centered care. Deconditioning and / or decline in functional independence and / or mobility following a period of acute illness.  Fracture management and pre and post joint replacement.

Inpatient (GEM) provides assessment and management with geriatric related illnesses and complex health care needs (generally >65 or indigenous > 45) where the primary treatment goal is improvement in independence or to better manage functional and /or cognitive status.

Examples of GEM suitability may include:
•Functional decline and difficulty coping at home
• Deteriorating cognition eg dementia +/- physical impairment
• Multiple co-morbidity, multiple system involvement
• Frailty and deconditioning
• Falls and deteriorating mobility
• Movement disorders eg tremors, restless legs, Parkinson’s disease
• Non weight bearing patients with complex social and health needs who are unsafe to return home.

Palliative Care
People with a diagnosed life limiting illness who require in-patient admission to assist with their overall management. This may include:
• Palliative treatment regimens and symptom management ie pain, nausea, bowel management
• maximising functional capacity to facilitate return home
• Education and support of carers and family to facilitate safe management at home and in the community
• end of life care

TCP care type
• Completed their acute and/or sub-acute or hospital-in-the-home episode of care in a public or private hospital, are medically stable and ready for discharge
• Been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) for the TCP and are considered eligible to receive permanent residential aged care at least at the low level of care
• Been assessed as being able to benefit from a period of care in an environment that allows:
• Access to low intensity therapy and support such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work as part of an ongoing but slower recovery process; and
• Assessment of their circumstances, together with their carers and families, and identify and consider the care options available to them; and
• Exploration of their preferred aged care option, including whether they can return to the community; and
• have a desire to access transition care services

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