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Medical Oncology and Haematology Clinics

8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Location: 1st Floor Lumeah Building, entrance via Leichardt St

Phone the Medical Day Treatment Unit on 03 5485 5229 or the Nurse Unit Manager outside these times on 03 5485 5225


  • Chemotherapy treatments, patient education and follow up
  • Medical infusions such as blood transfusions, Iron infusions, Infliximab and Tysabri
  • Venesections- treatment for haemochromatosis or polycythaemia
  • Care coordinated with medical and cancer specalists, GPs, Cancer Support, McGrath Breat Care Nurses and Prostate Cancer Specalist Nurses


Medical Oncology:

  • Weekly Oncology visit
    • Medical Oncologists:
      • Dr Say Ng
      • Dr Rob Blum
      • Dr Robert Campbell
    • Referral Via:
      • ERH Specialist Consulting Suits
      • PH: 5485 5864
      • Fax: 5485 5885

    Please contact ERH Consulting Suites for fees.

Medical Haematology:

  • Monthly Haematology clinic
    • Medical Oncologists:
      • Dr Ali Bazargan
      • Dr Shuhying Tan
    • Referral Via:
      • Melbourne Blood Specialists
      • PH: 9654 8906
      • Email:

Please contact Melbourne Blood Specialists for fees.